How it Works:
Each week, our chefs order and use only the freshest ingredients and keep the quantities tight for our valuable clients. Anything that is received from first crop-produce, meats and grains that isn’t of optimal quality is not used. You will see the attention to detail in the finished product as the freshest, most vibrant meals arrive conveniently at your doorstep.

Meals are prepared and quickly cooled to below 20°F to facilitate the crispness and vibrant texture that you only see in the best gourmet meals. We then have your meals delivered to you only minutes after the final seal is placed on each individual, personally weighed and portioned meal.

All you need to decide is what type of plan you’d like: either our regular varied menu rotation, or a super customized plan (we call this the pro plan), and then how many meals per week you’d like. Let us know about any ingredients that you have allergies or sensitivities to and also, any that you’d prefer not to eat. It’s really that simple! We do all of the rest. Gluten sensitivities or allergies are no problem for us as are dairy allergies or sensitivities. Not sure if we can cater to your individual needs? Give us a call and we’ll tell you how we can help.

No driving, no traffic, no grocery lines or dealing with the store not having what you want. No menu planning, no chopping ingredients or cleaning up after the food goes in the oven. Just take your customized meal out of the fridge and reheat to enjoy.

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