Create a Plan:

Our gourmet meals are prepared using only the finest, fresh ingredients and are prepared and completed only minutes before sending them out to be received at your door.

You don’t even need to be home at the time of delivery as the chilled cooler bag we ship to you in will hold a steady temperature for up to 4 hours in the Sun!

We offer two different plan options to our valued clients:

  1. Customized menu rotation – Every 3-4days, you receive up to nine different, carefully prepared and individually customized meals.

    The meals include:( but not limited to) chicken breast, fresh Atlantic salmon and cod, wild pacific orange rouphy, lean Alberta sirloin, fresh ground turkey and turkey breast, tofu and pork tenderloin.

    The vegetables include: ( but not limited to) snap peas, broccoli, carrots, red yellow and orange peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, wild greens, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, mint, cilantro, lime citrus, and lemon citrus.

    The carbohydrates include (but not limited to): quinoa, brown rice, wild organic rice, black and mahogany rice, wild yam, baby potatoes and russet potatoes. You tell us if there is anything you don’t like and we simply include one that you do like. Please note that extra fish portions are a surcharge.

  2. The “pro” program-  Completely customized using our ingredient list and your preferences and dietary needs. 

    This program is for the professional fitness athlete or serious amateur athlete.    We send you a template that you simply fill out and send back to us.

    The pro program is subject to a 10% surcharge as it requires even more time and attention to detail. 

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